Photo Tips

Tips from BAT Systems
  • We all use flash memory to store our images. However do you know how to look after your flash cards? We present a guide on
    the use and care of flash cards.

  • Are you planning to head out into the hills for a spot of landscape photography? If so then check the weather before you go with the Mountain Weather Information Service. It's usually a more reliable forecast for hill conditions than the Met Office , it's free and it covers most of the mountain areas of Britain.

123 Digital Imaging
  • Very highly recommended is the 123 of Digital Imaging. This downloadable guide (also available on CD) is an interactive guide to digital imaging. It covers:
    • Digital camera selection
    • Digital workflow
    • Managing, viewing and sharing images
    • Adobe Elements, Photoshop and Lightroom covered in detail
    • Practical image editing techniques
    • Colour management techniques

    The 123di is available from US$49.95, or upgrade to the latest v5.0 if you have an older version for a reduced rate. A downloadable demo for Windows or Mac is available.

Tips from Earthbound Light

The tips below are courtesy of Bob Johnson at Earthbound Light  (external link).